What Makes Zusa Clothing So Comfortable?

There are not many apparel brands out there that don’t claim to be comfortable. In fact, if a brand is described as uncomfortable then they probably need a whole new marketing department… So, if every brand claims comfort then how do you know which clothing brands are truly the comfiest in the land without trying on every garment? At Zusa, we take some specific steps to ensure maximum comfort in all of our apparel. Here are a few reasons why Zusa clothing is so comfortable.

Blended Fabrics for Added Stretch

We believe that your clothing shouldn’t be too restrictive or limit your movements. That’s why we blend 5% or 6% super stretchy spandex with 95% or 94% recycled polyester to make flexible shirts and jackets that stretch as you move. Our fleeces are also made from blended knit terry fabric that gives them much more stretch than you’d expect from a fleece!

Applicable Products: Breezy Tee, Peachy Tee, Chilly Fleece Quarter ZipInfluencer Quarter ZipMidtown Fleece Full ZipMidtown Fleece VestWanderlust Traveler Jacket

Brushed Fleece for Added Softness

Fleece is already so soft and comfortable, why make it even softer? Because it can be softer, that’s why. Our fleeces are made from a brand-new kind of fleece called knit terry. Knit terry fleece is softer and stretchier than standard fleece. Then we brush the interior to make it so smooth and cozy that you’ll want to curl up and take a nap in it. 

Brushed Fleece Interior of a Quarter Zip

Applicable Products: Chilly Fleece Quarter Zip, Midtown Fleece Full Zip, Midtown Fleece Vest

Sueded Polyester for Added Softness

Our sueded polyester fabric is the softest, smoothest polyester you’ll find. It’s brushed to give it a sueded, velvety feel that’s incredibly soft but still breathable. We use sueded polyester because it offers the performance of polyester with the comfort and softness of cotton.

Sueded Polyester Golf Polo Shirt

Applicable Products: Everyday Pique Polo

Brushed Egyptian Cotton for Added Softness

To achieve that sueded feel in our brushed cotton t-shirts like the Peachy Tee, we brush the shirts with a sandpaper roller to give it a velvet like feel that’s as soft as the skin of a peach. This process fundamentally changes the fabric, so the soft finish will withstand repeated washing and drying.


Applicable Products: Peachy Tee

Carbon Finishing for Added Smoothness

After our Peachy Tees are knit and brushed, we give them a special treatment called a carbon finish. The carbon finish treatment gives cotton fabrics a pleasant smoothness and warm feel that’s natural and easy-care.

Brushed Cotton Fabric with a Carbon Finish for Added Softness

Applicable Products: Peachy Tee

Raglan Cut Sleeves for a More Comfortable Fit

Raglan sleeves are sleeves on a shirt, layering piece, or jacket that fully extend from the collar to the end of the sleeve in one piece. A raglan sleeve leaves a diagonal seam from the underarm to the collarbone for a more comfortable and athletic fit.


Applicable Products: Breezy Tee, Influencer Quarter Zip, Midtown Fleece Full Zip

Breathable Moisture-Wicking Fabric to Keep You Cool and Dry

Just like we believe that your clothes shouldn’t restrict you, we also believe that they shouldn’t suffocate you either. All of our clothing is made to be breathable, even our waterproof and wind resistant rain jackets. Many of our products are also designed to wick away sweat and moisture, so you stay cool and dry while you’re active.

Applicable Products: Breezy Tee, Peachy Tee, Everyday Pique Polo, Heather Stripe Polo, Influencer Quarter Zip, Wanderlust Traveler Jacket

Bonus Fabric Characteristics

Our every garment in our line of apparel is designed to look great and feel even better. But it’s not just comfort that sets Zusa apart. Zusa clothing and backpacks also feature these awesome qualities.