Carbon Neutral Verification Process for Zusa

What is the Process of Becoming Carbon Neutral?

At Zusa, we want to be transparent and keep you updated on our Carbon-neutral journey! It’s not enough to promise action without following through, so here’s a breakdown of our Carbon-verification process!

Zusa's Carbon-Neutral Partners

To become Carbon-Neutral Certified, we’ve partnered with Climate Neutral. Climate  Neutral certifies businesses by helping them measure their carbon emissions, reduce value chain carbon emissions, and compensate for all of the previous year’s emissions.

As a part of the verification process, we partner with Shift Advantage, an organization that helps us measure our environmental impact. Shift Advantage measures our carbon footprint and reports to Climate Neutral to meet their verification requirements. The reporting from Shift Advantage also allows us to compare our progress from year to year. Shift Advantage found our impact by measuring:

  • Our extraction of raw materials
  • Energy used in manufacturing our products
  • The transportation used in each stage of manufacturing
  • Our land use
  • Our water use

Shift Advantage also looked at

  • How our sold products are used
  • End-of-life use and treatment of our products

Information we provided to Shift Advantage included

  • The number of products we manufactured
  • The content of materials we used and their weight
  • How our products are dyed
  • Country of origin of our products
  • Sustainability attributes of our products (including recycled content, organic content, etc.)

As soon as our carbon footprint was measured, we could take the next steps to offset the number of emissions we produced. We then found ways to reduce our carbon emissions and selected carbon offset projects to invest in!

How we plan to reduce our carbon emissions:

  • Consolidating overseas shipments to reduce emissions from upstream shipping
  • Working from home to decrease transportation emissions
  • Increasing the recycled materials used in the production of our sustainable corporate apparel and products

How we plan to remove the carbon we produce:

  • Avoided deforestation: Trees will be protected and replanted in an important stretch of forest in Brazil that connects the Andes to the Amazon
  • Wind power: This project supports renewable energy in the US by funding the Dempsey Ridge Wind Project in Oklahoma.
  • Landfill gas: The Haicheng Landfill Gas Project collects methane gas from a landfill site in China and uses it to generate energy.

At Zusa, we plan to complete the same carbon-neutral certification process annually! We’re excited to continue improving the sustainability of our processes and investing in more exciting carbon-removing projects around the world!