Our Story

We wanted a better way to make apparel. So we built it. Meet Zusa.

At Zusa, we believe a brand is more than just a logo - it represents the difference you make in the world.

Custom Zusa apparel and accessories are designed with comfort and detail in mind, down to the smallest functional details. After decades of experience outfitting people across the globe, our team knows what it takes to craft a well-made, comfortable garment that everyone will love.

With Zusa, however, it isn’t just about better apparel quality and comfort.  It’s about doing BETTER for the planet.

We are all responsible for the health of the planet we live on, and we vote with our dollars and our actions TODAY for the world we want to live in tomorrow. Zusa is high performance and high comfort, but most importantly – it’s high integrity.

Custom Zusa brand apparel is sustainably and ethically made in WRAP-certified factories around the globe. That means we personally selected our facilities for Zusa because they set the bar worldwide for fair and safe treatment of workers and environmentally conscious practices.

Going forward, Zusa will also be requiring all recycled materials for our packaging materials and shipping pieces per our supplier and vendors! This will help increase our use of recycled materials in delivering our coziest and best corporate gifts to your door!

Zusa is also proud to be officially carbon-neutral certified through the Climate Neutral organization! Through our ethical factories, eco-friendly production use of recycled materials, and carbon offset projects; Zusa is officially balancing all residual greenhouse gas emissions with reductions and removals to have no effect on our beautiful planet.

Plus, 93% of the Zusa line is made from recycled materials and to date Zusa has upcycled over 6 million discarded plastic bottles to create its line of sustainable corporate apparel and gifts. Did you know polyester, the world’s most common performance fabric, is made from plastic, which comes from crude oil? There is no need to extract petroleum to create new plastic for clothing production. Our goal is to source and upcycle our polyester from the 8 million metric tons of plastic that enter our oceans annually.

As a 1% For the Planet member, 1% of Zusa revenue is donated back to environmental nonprofits to create a healthier planet. Because once you know better, you do better. This means that every year, we donate 1% of our profits to environmental charities and organizations. Through this partnership, we aim to be accountable for our impact on the environment while investing in a sustainable future for our planet. We feel honored to be a part of this initiative and want you to know that by choosing Zusa for your team, you are contributing towards the betterment of our planet.