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All of us only have one planet, and we can no longer wait to take care of it. Sustainable custom clothing brand, Zusa believes that corporations must lead the charge on sustainability. To ensure a brighter future for the planet Earth and all of the life that inhabits it, we have to do better. While individuals can make conscious changes in their daily lives to follow a more sustainable lifestyle, corporations and businesses will make the greatest difference by operating in a more environmentally-focused way.

That's why Zusa is incredibly proud to announce that as of August 2022, Zusa is not only operating as a sustainable clothing brand but also a Carbon-Neutral certified business!

The Zusa Sustainability Story

Zusa is the first custom clothing brand launched with sustainability as its core principle and high-quality comfort as simply a wonderful bonus. Currently, over 93% of Zusa products are created from recycled materials, and the brand goal is to reach 100% in the next few years.

The environmental focus of Zusa doesn't stop with simply using recycled materials though. Each item of Zusa clothing or sustainable corporate gift is ethically-sourced and constructed in factories that set the standard in environmentally conscious production practices! Zusa’s progressive corporate gift apparel are all created in WRAP-certified facilities as well, meaning they're all sustainably made and ethically produced every step of the way.

To ensure its sustainable corporate merch and gifts were made safely, ethically, and sustainably; Zusa wanted to take its environmental practices even further. The next step was to make strides toward becoming a fully carbon-neutral brand by offsetting the carbon emissions produced. By digging into Zusa’s business activities in every step of the business from operations and manufacturing to packaging and shipping, we could find actionable numbers to go forward.

Zusa accomplished this by carefully measuring both the direct and indirect carbon footprint, reducing company-wide emissions wherever possible, and then offsetting any remaining emissions by working with certified organizations in carbon offset projects. Zusa is proud of its status as a carbon-neutral brand, but will never stop making efforts to promote sustainability internally and in the world. Going forward, Zusa will also be requiring all recycled material for our packaging materials and shipping pieces!

Whether shopping for sustainable clothing for yourself or adding a unique company logo for awesome eco-friendly corporate gifts, with Zusa it isn’t just about better style and comfort, it’s about doing better for the planet.

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What Does It Means to Be A Carbon Neutral Clothing Brand

By definition, a carbon-neutral company is an organization that offsets the carbon emitted by its processes, operating a business with net zero carbon emissions. Organizations can also become carbon negative by producing more carbon offsets than the amount they emit. This is an extremely important act because carbon dioxide contributes to the rapid acceleration of global warming more than any other greenhouse gas.

The first step in becoming a carbon-neutral clothing brand is to carefully measure all of the carbon produced through your business' direct emissions, indirect emissions, and indirect value-chain emissions. Then, you should implement changes to reduce these emissions wherever possible. Whatever carbon emissions remain after your reduction efforts can be canceled out through carbon offsetting projects.

The most popular strategy for carbon offsetting involves purchasing carbon offset credits from certified organizations such as Climate Neutral, Cool Effect, and more. The funds provided support carbon offset projects and activities such as renewable energy projects, forest management and growth, recycling missions, and carbon removal technology like Direct Air Capture.

Sustainable Apparel & Gear Made From Recycled Materials

Did you know that by using sustainably made and recycled materials, Zusa has reused over 2.5 million discarded plastic water bottles to create custom logo clothing and gifts? That's millions of plastic bottles that would've ended up in either our oceans or landfills. Zusa’s main goal is to remove and upcycle over EIGHT MILLION metric tons of plastic from the planet’s oceans each and every year!

Removing existing plastics from the environment is not the only environmental benefit provided by using recycled polyester either. By using recycled polyester (rPET) instead of virgin polyester in creating sustainable corporate apparel, Zusa can provide the same top-notch level of polyester performance while creating 75% lower carbon dioxide emissions. This step was a crucial part of the journey to becoming a carbon-neutral clothing brand!

Recycled material use in sustainable Zusa custom apparel and gifts

Number of Recycled Plastic Water Bottles Used to Create Each Zusa Product

Water Bottles Recycled for Each Product Graphic

Custom Carbon Neutral Apparel and Gifts by Zusa

Zusa Custom Carbon Neutral Tees

These custom tees from Zusa are not just sustainable, they're the comfiest personalized t-shirts you'll ever wear. The custom Zusa Peachy Tee is made from incredibly soft Egyptian cotton that you'll have to feel to believe. They're perfect as corporate gifts or promotional tees.

The corporate Zusa Breezy Tee is the ultimate sustainable performance tee shirt. It's constructed from stretchy recycled polyester and spandex blended fabric that's moisture-wicking and has UPF 35 UV protection.

Zusa Custom Carbon Neutral Polo Shirts

Zusa's custom polo shirts are perfect for the office, the golf course, or just relaxing at home. That's because they're built to be as comfortable as possible while still looking classy enough for work, especially when you add a custom embroidered corporate logo!

Like almost all Zusa products, these custom polos are made from recycled materials, but it doesn't stop there. Corporate Zusa apparel is even sustainably dyed! Zusa's primary supplier uses 100% recycled biomass of eucalyptus wood and coffee husks to power its apparel dyeing machines instead of oil. It's great for the environment and it smells incredible!

Zusa Custom Carbon Neutral Quarter Zips

The Zusa line of custom carbon-neutral quarter zip pullovers includes two unique options. First, there's the toasty, warm, and cozy Chilly Fleece quarter zip. It looks great over a dress shirt and looks even better with an embroidered logo, making it perfect for the office.

Next, there's the sleek and stylish Influencer quarter zip. It's made from a whopping 36 recycled bottles and features performance fabric that's flexible, moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, and comfy. It's ideal for work, an early morning jog, or over a corporate golf polo on the course.

Zusa Custom Carbon Neutral Fleeces & Vests

These amazing custom fleece vests and full zip fleeces are the perfect extra layer for a chilly morning commute or a draft office. They're crafted from recycled polyester and cotton and feature convenient zippered side pockets and chest pockets. Like all corporate Zusa apparel, you'll notice that the Zusa logos are small and out of the way, leaving all the prime real estate to showcase your custom embroidered company logo on the front, back, or sleeve.

Zusa Custom Carbon Neutral Jackets

The custom Wanderlust Traveler jackets might just do more good for the planet than any other garments of clothing in the world. Made from recycled polyester using NINETY plastic water bottles, just imagine how much plastic is saved from our oceans by your group order alone! Plus, these jackets are weatherproof too. Featuring a durable water-resistant coating on the outer shell, causing rain and snow to bead off the surface.

Zusa Custom Carbon Neutral Backpacks and Bags

The carbon-neutral Zusa brand is about more than just clothing, there is an entire line of amazing carbon-neutral corporate gifts too! The custom Structured Transit Pack is the ultimate everyday backpack for transporting all your essentials between your home and office. The larger Daytripper backpack is ideal for all your outdoor adventures and as a carry-on bag for air travel. The logo-branded Weekender Duffel Bag is perfect for business trips, and weekend getaways, and works great as a gym bag too!

Zusa Custom Carbon Neutral Hats

Zusa has your team covered on sustainable and carbon-neutral hats for any occasion. There's the laid-back Staycationer Dad Hat for an unstructured and relaxed look. The sustainable Swift Athletic Cap is made from a high-performance fabric, making it a great choice for the gym or golf course. Then there's the Open Road Trucker Hat, which offers up a more structured look with a breathable recycled polyester mesh backing.

All of the Zusa custom headwear options are sustainably made and feature an adjustable closure, so you don't need to track down head sizes in advance!

Zusa Custom Carbon Neutral Drinkware

The Zusa line of sustainable and carbon-neutral water bottles, mugs, and tumblers  benefit the environment in more than just a few ways. Made using recycled materials, featuring a biodegradable catalyst finish on the lids, and actively reducing plastic consumption throughout their lifetimes while replacing the plastic bottles and cups you'd be using without them!

Plus, they feature double wall insulated stainless steel that keeps your drinks hot for 6 hours or cold for 12 hours. What could be better? Add your company logo to the front for a long-lasting and purposeful corporate gift.

Zusa Custom Carbon Neutral Blankets

With the rise of work-from-home custom blankets have quickly become one of the hottest corporate gift options around. The cozy Oversized Sherpa ZZZs Blanket is big enough for two to curl up in and enjoy a movie or a book. The lightweight but warm Plush Siesta Blanket is made from a soft and comfy fabric that's suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Both custom blankets are great options for your embroidered logo, and both are sustainable and carbon neutral!


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